Great person Ari Tietolman

Ari Tietolman is that the promoting person. He lives in North American nation. He makes a specialty of area coming up with. He’s veteran and approachable temperament. I tune up to my purchasers must produce a style that reflects their modus Vivendi. Style comes embody residential and industrial areas.

Ari Tietolman is Urbana’s creator. Town may be a cooperative Arts Project that explores and promotes Urban Culture through the transformation of Cityscapes, into canvasses and stages, showcasing today’s rising artists, whereas fascinating the general public at giant. To celebrate the revealing of this distinctive construct, Urbana’s creators, Dave Lee and Ari Tietolman, have invited the legendary Australian Beatboxer and Loop-Master, Dub FX and friends, to perform live at Telus Theatre, Sat September fifteen. Here may be a sneak peak of what to expect… do not miss this one in every of a sort experience!!!

Urbana in association with Arisco Music cluster is happy to announce the North yank come of Dub Fx, activity board Montreal on Friday, September fifteenth at the Telus Theater. The event also will feature special guests: Starfighterz, Flower Fairy, and Snareophobe.

Dub FX is Benjamin Stanford, studio-recording artist from St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia and a street creator. This rising solo musician is widely known for his ability to govern sound victimization iteration and result pedals paired along with his voice. The result’s associate Byzantine mix of hip-hop, popular music and dubstep. With a taste for charming drum and bass rhythms, Dub Fx actually puts on a live performance that’s to not be incomprehensible .His YouTube videos alone gathered over ten million views every in 2008.


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